Strategic General Counsel

We serve as trusted advisers to business leadership teams operating in complex and highly regulated markets domestically and internationally.

We collaborate with our clients to navigate the legal and business issues that profoundly affect them and their interests.

We immerse ourselves in the details of the issues our clients face. We listen. We investigate. We research. We prepare ourselves to deliver the best possible advice often in complex, ambiguous, uncertain, and volatile circumstances. This allows us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with leadership teams even if called upon a moment's notice. 

Business Law &
International Transactions

We represent clients in domestic and international commercial transactions, including acquisition of and investment in companies in the agricultural, manufacturing, financial services, and technology sectors. We also have deep experience in the purchase, sale, and financing of commodities including vitally important and scare materials. We excel at conducting transactional due diligence that facilitates rational business decision-making.

Risk Management & Compliance

We design and implement risk management and compliance programs for companies operating in high-risk parts of the world. We leverage the experience of our strategic partners domestically and internationally to prepare clients before they enter a new, potentially volatile market, and to help them succeed once they establish operations. We provide ongoing audit and investigative services to secure those operations and mitigate potential risk.

Business Strategy 

We help companies build strategic frameworks that accelerate and maximize competitive advantage - i.e., value creation and delivery - and sustainable growth.


At our core, we believe that the future will be better than the present if we plan and work to make it better. We spend a lot of time considering how to translate information, behaviors, activities, skills, processes, and ideas into actionable strategy. 


We are always searching for connections, exploring the world from different perspectives, and attempting to make sense of seemingly disparate phenomena. Our fascination with ideas combined with the breadth and depth of our research and thinking drive our ability to solve complex and novel strategy problems. Our task is to design, build, sustain, and expand competitive advantage to help your achieve dominance.


Our ability to anticipate and visualize a better future, supported by sound strategy and decision-making allows us to help transform ideas into reality.