We are flexible, innovative, transparent, and collaborative. We embrace creative approaches to traditional legal problems as well as cutting-edge technological solutions to allow us to work more efficiently. We are industry agnostic, but have a strong preference for working with entrepreneurs, early stage and emerging businesses, and technology companies.

The billable hour is becoming extinct.

We believe that clients should pay for our experience and judgment, not time spent preparing documents and correspondence. We also believe that clients should have budget certainty when purchasing legal services, not surprises.

This is the reason all of our engagements are structured as flat rate projects or fixed monthly fees.

Our intent is to build long-term trust relationships with our clients in which we help them achieve their personal and business objectives.


Strategic General Legal Counsel

Our objective is to help you navigate complex legal issues that affect you and your business.

We are innovative, inventive, original, and resourceful. We venture beyond the commonplace, the familiar, and the obvious. We explore ideas about the best ways to reach a goal, then we choose the best option.

We immerse ourselves in the details of your business and the issues you face. We listen. We investigate. We research. We prepare. We  accumulate lots of information. We disregard what is unrelated, and focus on what is really important.

Organizational Design

We build and strengthen companies and optimize their performance through thoughtful and intentional organizational design, which includes designing and negotiating shareholder rights and responsibilities.

Our objective is to align an organization's vision, values, and mission with its internal and external governance, reporting relationships, communications, and incentives.


We start by exploring your company's organizational foundation, culture, core competencies, business processes, and key performance indicators. From there, we build our understanding of your competitive environment, your firm's strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats it faces. We use this data to drive design decisions and change initiatives alike.

Ultimately, we want to help you build resilient and adaptable organizations that can grow rapidly and change when necessary.

Technology Strategy

We help technology firms build strategic legal frameworks that accelerate value creation, competitive advantage, and sustainable growth.


At our core, we believe that the future will be better than the present if we plan and work to make it better. We intentionally spend a lot of time considering the behaviors, activities, skills, knowledge, processes, and ideas we want to perfect and how to translate them into actionable strategy. 


Our ability to anticipate and visualize a better future allows us to help transform ideas for the future into reality. We are always searching for connections, exploring the world from different perspectives, and attempting to make sense of seemingly disparate phenomena. Our fascination with ideas combined with the breadth and depth of our research and thinking drive our ability to solve complex and novel technology strategy problems. Our task is to design, build, sustain, and expand competitive moats to help your achieve dominance.


Our Technology Strategy practice focuses primarily on early stage, emerging, and middle market technology companies pursuing market-creating opportunities.

Litigation Management

We have litigated and managed matters valued in excess of $200 million. We fundamentally understand the adversarial process and what it takes to win a contested matter or, under appropriate circumstances, to resolve them through settlement.

We also know what litigation should cost because we know what activities are, and are not, necessary to move cases toward resolution. Our objective is to help you manage litigation so that you obtain an optimal result for a fee that is proportionate to the complexity of the matter.

Regulatory Compliance and Administrative Advocacy

We help businesses navigate complex regulatory requirements in any industry, to support smart, effective operations and avoid costly investigations or adverse actions. We handle regulatory and compliance work from idea to execution -- from business licensing and other types of applications to ongoing compliance advice or guidance to navigate new regulatory requirements in fast changing areas like privacy and healthcare.


We also advocate for businesses and trade organizations before state and federal regulatory bodies. Having both overseen and defended federal administrative rulemakings, we know how to effectively engage with governmental agencies in a productive and effective way. We have deep experience challenging federal and state administrative actions in court, and will advocate for our clients in court if the administrative outcome needs further review.

Outside Counsel Selection and Management

Law firms try to meet all of their client needs even when they may not be the right fit to handle some, or even most, of them. We identify and select outside counsel that can handle discreet matters efficiently. We negotiate the fee arrangements with and for you, and we manage outside counsel to help them achieve your objective at the lowest possible cost.

More important, because we immerse ourselves in your business and understand your objectives, we help you make strategic decisions based upon the legal advice you receive in matters that affect you and your business. 

White Collar Defense and Corporate Investigations

We help individuals and businesses respond to and resolve government and regulatory investigations. 

We also conduct independent corporate investigations designed to identify potential misconduct and to remediate it.